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It's About Time... Nevada County

History of People and Place

by Mark Winkler

Can we agree that everyone likes to hear a good story, especially from another time? Comparing your life and times with those of others comes pretty naturally to people; after all, curiosity and language are two of the best things about being human! And Nevada County has great human stories to tell. Almost everyone knows at least a bit about the California Gold Rush, which was pivotal in our history, but are you curious to dig deeper? What is this connection to Cornwall, England all about? Or perhaps you are interested in the culture of the first people who lived here, Native Americans known as the Nisenan. Or maybe you are an architecture fan who wants to examine every style from Gold Rush Cabin to Art Deco Commercial to Modern Eco-Home. We have resources for every curiosity and we promise not to judge you if so simply must know the real story about the wicked ways of Lola Montez. Along the way you may even discover a pretty interesting group of people, from world-class chefs and artists to fascinating business innovators, living here today. Isn’t it about time for Nevada County?

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